We’re psyched! One of our favorite times of each year is the Nichee Award judging. The talent, spirit, and creativity of the Niche Nation is so inspiring! The 2017 entries were really tough for our judging panel. Why? Because there were so many top-notch entries to consider!

So what’s the best of the best look like? Nichee Award Winners’ content is high-quality and targeted to their niche. Plus they’re regarded as a comprehensive resource for their readers. They also demonstrate excellence, creativity, and revenue growth. and if that’s not enough, winners also monetize their brand in innovative ways with very small staff!

Drum roll please…

You can see all the Nichee Award winners on the Nichees Hall of Fame page on our website! We’ve listed a few for you below.

Print Nichee Award Winners: 

Best Niche B2C                   Innovation & Tech Today
Bringing the latest, newest, cutting edge articles on innovation and technology.
Why they won: Top-notch product designed for readability, navigation and attractiveness. Their advertising is well-positioned, relevant and best of all– effective.

Best Niche B2B                   Modern Trader
The essential monthly journal for professional traders & active investors.
Why they won: A comprehensive resource with high-quality, super-targeted content, they have taken a new fresh approach to a 40 year old monthly journal for professional traders & active investors. Clean editorial, compelling presentation of critical info to their audience.

Best Niche Regional         SRQ Magazine
Living local in Sarasota, Manatee and the Gulf Coast Keys.
Why they won: Targeted, targeted, targeted.  They stood out from the rest with their superior design. They also highly engage their audience through events, marketing, industry reviews and more.

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Digital Nichee Award Winners:

Best Niche Website                     smartmeetings.com
Integrated media & magazine company for the meetings, corporate event planning, travel and the hospitality industry.
Why they won: Their website is a true stand-out, fully taking advantage of every revenue opportunity. This organization takes integration of all their media properties seriously and it shows. 

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Event Nichee Award Winners:

Best Niche B2B Event                       CampaignTech
Political campaign tech conferences held around the world.
Why they won: They’re seen as the “go-to” event in their niche. Their multiple events are highly focused and deliver the latest in technology, digital political strategies and advocacy.

Best Niche Association Event           ACC Annual Meeting
The world’s largest gathering of in-house counsel.
Why they won: They take event networking for their attendees to a whole new level. ACC offers 30 hours of dedicated networking opportunities, including special time for first-time attendees and “CLO Club” member roundtables.

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Team Nichee Award Winners:

Top Niche Media Company              Spotlight Media
Several titles including Fargo, a North Dakota publishing company
This publishing company is constantly innovating and expanding, starting with just 1 employee in 2010 and now publishes over 1 million print magazines a year. Gained more than one million impressions online on fargomonthly.com.
Why they won: This media business is continually striving forward with new products every year. They have the increased results year-over-year to match.

Best Niche Company Culture           Whitaker Publishing
417 Magazine, niche events, and more.
An innovative profit sharing company that lets everyone know on a monthly, then quarterly basis how profitable the magazine will be. Employees get 25% of all profit, paid proportionally to the size of their salary. They have also instituted a “no-gossip” policy.
Why they won: Their innovations produce results in employee engagement and retention.

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Niche publishers are constantly improving, expanding and raising the bar on excellence.

These media companies super-target their niche audience and are always driving forward with new revenue streams. Congratulations to all our winners for showcasing their awesomeness!



About this blogger: Diana Landau is the Content Wrangler for Niche Media. A former sales director and corporate marketing hack, she has now found nirvana in writing and wrangling quality content. Diana is a food, wine, art and SF Giants enthusiast…who sometimes gets carried away.


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