Keep your attendees engaged 365 days a year with Joe’s 5 Lessons Learned from Launching a First Event.

We were able to catch up this week with Niche Media Conference speaker Joe Pulizzi, Founder of the Content Marketing Institute. He is an author, speaker, and strategist for content marketing and created the Content Marketing World Event, coming up soon in September. The event draws attendees from all over the globe.

Joe reminded us of his presentation at our magazine conference earlier this year: 5 Lessons Learned From Launching A First Event. His events have grown from 600 attendees to over 1500 in just a few years, with revenues now topping $2 million. Joe’s a Pro!

 Here are Joe Pulizzi’s 5 Lessons Learned From Launching a First Event:

1. Most events are snoozers: How many boring events have you attended that made you wish you had never left the office? Create an event with excitement, engaged speakers of high quality, give important take-aways, have a theme, have some fun. (Content Marketing World even had Rick Springfield perform one year. The crowd went wild.)

2. Capture the Content: There are many ways to not only capture your event content but to ensure the content has ongoing reach after the conference it over.

  • Before the event: Heavily promote by social media, podcast, interview and blogs about your speakers and the sessions they are going to lead. These speakers bring big numbers of existing followers and fans with them. Plus, the additional web search activity about them will make your event rocket to the top.
  • During the event: Offer daily conference highlights on your blog, offer videos of the sessions to attendees and also offer them on your website to those who couldn’t attend.
  • After the event: Don’t forget this important follow up. Continue to do all of the above, remember—market your event 365 days a year.

3. Give Content Gifts: Here’s some examples—Publish free insights and take-aways learned from the event, post a video about the Top 29 Secrets Learned at (Insert your event here), etc. This will enable you to reach the people that have not attended your event in the past and get them interested in learning more about next year’s event.

4. Add-ons are good! Add-on workshops and seminars before or after the event are convenient for the attendees and also bring in more revenue. This is especially helpful for attendees that have traveled from afar. You have the people and the resources there anyway—this is a no brainer.

5. Don’t compromise programming:  Do not showcase speakers who are only there to promote themselves and their business. Cultivating a line-up of quality speakers makes all the difference.

Don’t miss out on Joe’s 2013 Content Marketing World Event this September if you want to learn how create optimum event content and better distribute the event content you already have. We’ll be there!


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