Carl Landau

Niche Alias: Grand Poobah

Carl gets niche. He’s made millions starting & selling five niche magazines and two conferences & tradeshows in both the consumer and B-to-B publishing worlds. His unique insights into the needs of small-to-medium niche publishers inspired his wildly successful “Publishers Only” Niche Magazine Conference (2007) and his subsequent Niche Digital Conference (2009), and other events focused on the revenue concerns and business needs of niche media owners and publishers. Niche Media now puts on five events per year and growing!

Carl first became famous 20 years ago for sending cats in the mail! (He and the Humane Society have long since patched things up.) When he’s not dreaming up wild ways to sell niche media, Carl can be seen (and heard) cheering on his beloved San Francisco Giants, letting his dogs out (again), and listening to Steely Dan.


Niche Words of Wisdom: “There’s no “i” in Niche.”
First Publishing Job: Sold ads for the very sexy magazine “World Mining”.
Near Death Experience: Poisoned by childhood “friends” with lighter fluid.
Favorite Food: Sushi (and more sushi)!
Beer: Hefeweizen

Kristi Dougherty

VP, Marketing & Programs
Niche Alias: Content Queen

Kristi joined Niche Media in October 2016 to develop brand reach and audience marketing, as well as continue the tradition of amazing Niche event content and resources. Kristi has worked in media since the heady days of dot com magazines in the 90s and managed B-to-B, consumer, and association publications and events. Kristi has held multiple roles, including President, with the non-profit, all volunteer Association of Audience Marketing Professionals (AAMP). She has spoken at many media conferences, including Niche.

When Kristi isn’t obsessing over email design and building the perfect event agenda, she is hiking, snowshoeing, cooking, reading and napping. Sometimes all in one day.


Niche Words of Wisdom:  “Audience first!”
Known for: Insanely fast response time to emails
Favorite Food: Cheese
Non-publishing Dream Job: Archaeologist/Professor (yes, like Indiana Jones)
Beer: Yes!

Diana Landau

Blog Editor
Niche Alias: The Wrangler

Formerly a regional marketing director with decades of experience in advertising, brand strategy and lead-gen, but trapped in an old-school industry with traditional marketing, Diana escaped to the Niche Media team as the editor for the Niche blogs and newsletters. Known for her strategic thinking, zippy copywriting, and ability to track down industry contacts, she enjoys sharing the happenings and wisdom of the niche magazine world with the niche magazine world.

When she’s not researching, interviewing, and curating publishing content, Diana is cooking, traveling (all over the world!), and gardening.


Niche Words of Wisdom:  “Deadlines are for real.”
Sports Team: San Francisco Giants (it was in the marriage vows!)
Best Award: 6th Grade Spelling Bee
Non-publishing Dream Job: Novelist
Beer: Red or white wine, please.

Megan Tanahashi

Marketing & Design Coordinator
Niche Alias: Girl Wonder

Megan first entered the publishing world as an editor for her high school yearbook, where she fell in love with layout design and has since begun pursuing a degree in Graphic Design. Using those skills, she has worked in marketing to create print and digital materials, manage social media accounts, and even run her own blog before coming to Niche. Now, she works on designing the perfect email campaign and awesome conference websites with Kristi,”Niche-fying” Power points for Carl, creating event signage with Carly, and basically making things look pretty.

Outside the office, you’ll run into Megan at a yoga class, shopping for another lipstick at Sephora, or checking out food trucks, coffee shops and juice bars.


Niche Words of Wisdom: “Comic Sans is for FOOLS.”
Non-publishing Dream Job: Nomadic Instagrammer and/or Mermaid
If I could be an animal: Panda – naps all day!
Favorite Dinosaur: Triceratops
Beer: Nope, hard cider or wine for me!