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CHI – Oct 9 | ATL – Oct 30 | DC – Nov 15

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The media landscape is changing fast and advertisers want you to step up your offerings — more digital, more data, custom programs, lead gen — and the ROI. And you’re likely doing all this with the same size sales team (or smaller)!

Do you have what your advertisers want?

Do you know how to sell it?

Time to go to Camp…. Camp Niche!

Chicago October 9 – Atlanta October 30 – Washington, DC November 15
**Camp Niche Training Location for each city coming soon!**

What’s Camp Niche?

Camp Niche is a one-day intensive for ALL niche media sales publishers and teams. We’ll give you proven sales techniques, and sales channel spotlights to inspire (and grow) your sales revenue programs. All delivered by our rockstar sales counselors.

No arts and crafts (or theoretical mumbo jumbo)! Just the good stuff that drives serious ad revenue — taught by counselors working in the sales trenches!

  • Great for new sales staff and seasoned sales pros — reinforces what works and teaches new success strategies

  • Dynamic, interactive format with our expert trainers

  • Real-life sales tactics to use with clients the next day

  • Hot sales channels that your clients want — and how to sell them

Take your Publisher to Camp!

PLUS, Camp Niche includes an afternoon Publishers Only Roundtable Discussion! Connect with your peers while your staff continues their training down the hall. You’ll talk  staff management, sales compensation, specific channel challenges and more.

Upcoming Camp Locations

Chicago – Oct 9

Atlanta – Oct 30

DC – Nov 15

Learn from Our Experts

& Your Sales Peers

**All participants receive a Camp Niche Education Certificate**

The Best Sales Leaders in the Business

Nancy O’Brien

Associate Publisher

Aviation International News

Ryan Dohrn

Founder & President

 Brain Swell Media

Christopher Ware

Founder & Inventor

Sales Tonic Media

What’s the ROI?

(Show Me the Money!!!)

For the price of selling just one new ad, you and your sales team will learn new tactics and strategies for modern media selling — we’re talking print, digital, custom, events, and sponsorship sales techniques that can skyrocket your ad revenue!

Attendees learn practical and super smart sales techniques that work with today’s demanding clients and new ad channels, PLUS how to sell all your advertiser offerings into integrated yearly programs, find new business, and keep current advertisers renewing (and increasing their spend).

This is modern media sales training! We make superstars out of your sales team and help you drive advertiser revenue for your company!

The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful

Niche Media has trained over 4,000 Publishers, Ad Directors and Reps over the past 10 years! Check out this Camp Niche blast from the past video for some laughs (and some real tips on how to sell).

Download our Good, Bad and Beautiful infographic for even more sales tips!

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