niche CEO summit Dec. 4-5, 2018

Virtual Strategy, Revenue & Connections for Media CEOs

October 6-7, 2020!

Virtual Conference Just for Niche Publishers & CEOs!

Expanded Discussion Groups Format!

Timed perfectly for 2021 strategy and planning! With 18 virtual Boardroom Discussion groups for B2B and Consumer audience niche media companies, this is the perfect deep dive format to assess your tactics, adjust strategies, and find growth solutions!

Limited to 60 Niche Owners and CEOs! This is your best opportunity for strategies to recover 2020 revenue and grow in 2021!

  • Market-specific facilitated discussion groups for best connections, idea sharing, and brainstorming
  • Dedicated revenue topics focused on niche media challenges
  • Fresh strategy presentations from successful media leaders and publishers!

Held online with easy-to-use technology to maximize your time and let you focus on the discussions and presentations!

Check out the Niche CEO Summit in Action!

You’ll get the same connections and takeaways online in October!

*Qualifications to Participate

  • Head Niche Honcho: CEO/Owner/Publisher/President/Executive Director
  • OR… C-Suite Executive at corporate media company
  • Company should represent multiple media properties
  • Must be willing & ready to share information and foster environment of open communication
  • Must commit to attending both days of the Virtual Niche CEO Summit (see Agenda page)
Contact Kristi with any questions at

Boardroom Discussion Topics

New Format! Broken out by B2B or Consumer markets, as well as media topics that impact all publishers, these discussions are limited to 15 CEOs plus a group leader. Each group kicks off with an “idea generator”, then you’ll dive into specific topics defined by you and your peer CEOs.

Market Specific Discussions:

  • Audience Revenue

  • New Ad Revenue Ideas

  • Virtual Events + Future of Live Events

Strategy Discussions:

  • Sales Teams and Staffing

  • Going Digital First

  • Creating Company Culture

  • Selling or Buying Media Companies

  • CEO Stuff: Running Your Business


Bonus sessions included with your CEO Summit registration!

Daily Experts Kickoff!
We’ll start each day with a quick hit of inspiration and actionable strategy from dynamic and successful media experts. Grab your beverage and snack of choice and get going on Virtual CEO Summit awesome!


Million Dollar Idea Mania!
Share your best “million dollar” idea and get at least 30 awesome revenue ideas in return! Super fun networking session on both days, including voting on the best Million Dollar Ideas for awesome prizes!
This is a revenue, staffing or cost-cutting idea that made a difference to your business. Million dollar value not required!


Networking Extravaganza!
Continue your conversations + make new connections at the Networking Extravaganza Tuesday afternoon! We’ll use cool “meet up” tech to pair off and keep the ideas flowing, and get you introduced to new contacts for your CEO network.

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