2020 Nichee Award Categories

How The Nichees Work

The Nichee Awards are for target-audience publishers in B2B, Consumer, City & Regional and Association hyper-specific markets and topics. Mass media or general interest brands are not eligible! Each Nichee entry has the size of the entrant’s market taken into account to keep each Nichee category a level playing field.

Team & Company Nichee Awards

Use the Team & Company Nichees to showcase the great work happening inside your company every day!

Best Media Company

Does your company have what it takes to be a Niche “Top 3”? Does your business excel across the board? Do you have a comprehensive and creative array of multi-platform products that serve your niche, a strong relationship with your user community, and a solid revenue plan? Do your employees embody fantastic company culture and a niche team spirit? (We will recognize up to 3 companies if warranted.)

Best Sales Executive

The Best Sales Executive award recognizes up to 10 outstanding salespeople in target interest magazine media who excel in their knowledge of their market and advertisers, bring fresh revenue initiatives to their media companies, and are the engines that drive company growth. 

Rising Star (New!)

The Rising Star award recognizes up to 10 outstanding employees in target interest magazine media who have developed new ideas or initiatives that drove company growth, streamlined processes, took on (or created) a key role, or dynamically contributed to your company’s culture.

Digital Nichee Awards

Show us how you are winning the online revenue race — 11 Digital Nichee categories to choose from!

Best Website

Is your website the best in your niche? We’re looking for user-friendly, multi-platform design that delivers high-quality niche content, multimedia, and resources that engage your audience and keep them coming back for more. We want B2B sites that are the authority in their niche, B2C sites that are their audience’s go-to information source, Association sites that go above and beyond to serve their members, and City & Regional sites that are the trusted, hyper-local resource for their regions.

Best Digital Edition

Does your digital edition go beyond the basics to integrate multimedia and embrace the digital platform for the ultimate reader experience (plus generate new revenue streams)? Or do you produce a special digital supplement with unique features and cutting-edge presentation?

Best e-Newsletter

From design to content to audience segmentation, we’re looking for best-in-class e-newsletters that give subscribers something to look forward to (AND generate revenue, build your brand, or lead readers to your core products/services).

Best Email Campaign (new!)

We’re looking for strategic efforts, excellent copy and design that engages your audience, clear campaign goals (and whether you achieved them), plus how your email campaign supports your list growth strategy.

Best Membership Program (new!)

Is your membership a “must have” for your audience? We’re looking at why and when you launched membership, membership benefits (and why they matter to your audience), your goals and membership growth strategy, and concrete examples of revenue growth (% or $) year over year since launch.

Best Use of Video

We’re looking for excellence in using video to engage your audience and enhance the user experience while delivering high quality niche content. This can be your own video content or video you created for a sponsor/advertiser. 

Best Social Media Ecosystem

Have you created a social network that deeply engages and expands your audience while reinforcing your core brand and driving traffic to your core properties? Show us your synergy! 

Best Podcast (new!)

Have you created a podcast that deeply engages and expands your audience with high-quality content, while driving revenue through sponsorships or ties to your core products? 

Best Promotion or Contest (new!)

Are you using promotions, contests or giveaways? Show us your best campaigns! We’ll be looking at your strategy for driving participation and sign up, and the revenue or ROI results (in % or $).

Best Use of Emerging Media (new!)

Are you from the future? If you’re an early tech adopter and used one of these awesome tools to drive revenue, audience growth and engagement, or streamline processes! We’re talking AI (Artificial Intelligence), Chatbots, VR (Virtual Reality) or AR (Augmented Reality), Drones, Advanced Analytics and more!

Best Multi-Platform Campaign (new!)

Did you rock an outreach campaign across ALL your platforms? This Nichee is for campaigns (your own or an advertiser’s) strategized across all your channels: websites, events, email, social media, print, e-Newsletters, and more.

Best Magazine Nichee Awards

We’re looking for great design, targeted content, digital integration, innovative revenue models, plus brand tie-ins / expansion (events, user-generated content, etc). Size of market and needs of your niche audience are taken into account. (For print and digital-only magazine models.)

  • B2B
  • Consumer
  • City & Regional
  • Association
  • Hobbyist
  • Directory or Guide
  • Best Magazine Launch (first issue must be in 2019)
  • Best Magazine Design (new!)

Best Event Nichee Awards

We’re awarding Nichees in 3 event categories: B2B, B2C, and Association.

Your event should have growth potential, creative marketing, clear tie-ins (as applicable) with a print or digital magazine, innovative revenue models, and a deep connection with attendees. Show us why your event is the “must attend” for sponsors, exhibitors and attendees in your niche!