Super-Targeted Bonus Day — Win the Digital Battle for Audience Attention and Paid Subscription Dollars!

March 5th, 201810:00 am – 4:30 pm

Every day audience developers struggle with attracting and retaining paid subscribers or memberships. And the wealth of tools and options we can draw on has actually made things harder, rather than easier. (What the heck????)

​The hot ticket today is memberships! Creating month automatically renewable membership package are hot, hot now! And they are here to stay! Learn how to bundle the benefits and charge ​​your participants every month!​

This workshop cuts through the noise to help niche audience marketers focus on the digital strategies and platforms that get paid audience on file and growing. We’ll focus on email marketing, audience data, website UX & conversion, social media revenue, marketing automation, and more!

SUPER BONUS: We’ll host a super fun pizza and beer mixer on Sunday night before the Paid Subs & Membership Masterclass so you can meet and begin learning from your fellow attendees before the event.

Limited to just 40 participants. Register today to ensure your spot!

Overview of schedule. Please visit the Agenda page for full details.