Niche Revenue Diversification Plan
Charles Warner & Elizabeth Green, Hosted by Ryan Dohrn
Presented by Publication Printers Corp.

Check out this recording to hear from two niche publishers sharing best practices for creating your revenue diversification plan.

Virtual Event Success Part 2: The Nitty Gritty!
Lillian Armstrong, John Mackenzie, Jim Fogler & Karen Tower

Check out this recording to hear from a panel of real-world publishers sharing their success stories, hiccups, and advice dealing with virtual events.

Digital Revenue Roundtable: Programmatic Advertising Real World Playbook!
John Bennett, Pam Mashburn & Charity Huff
Hosted by Ryan Dohrn

Check out this recording to hear from expert niche publishers about how they’ve used programmatic advertising to grow their digital revenue and how they figured it all out.

Digital Revenue Roundtable: Programmatic Ad Revenue Push!
Jonathan Muzio, Ryan Gombeski & Jennifer Meister

Check out this recording to learn about all things programmatic advertising, including audience targeting, location-based targeting and managing the available inventory on your website programmatically.

Virtual Event Success!
Platforms, Tools and Strategies for Niche Publishers
Dahlia El Gazzar

Check out this recording to learn why virtual events strategy and planning are different, and what you’ll need to rock this “new normal”: Get all the tools you need to save your events in 2020 and develop a long-term plan for virtual in your event strategy!