Super Niche (Almost) Live: Live Sessions!

These speakers put the “LIVE” in Super Niche (Almost) Live! Join three different webinars for insights into rethinking your business growth, developing new products, and surviving the current business contraction due to COVID-19. Tons of Q&A time included!

Niche Publishers Forum
Managing Your Media Business (and Staying Relevant) During COVID-19
April 14, 3 PM ET

Let’s talk! This live session is a Niche community forum featuring publishers just like you! 

We’ll present ideas and strategies to manage your media business during the COVID-19 shutdowns — minimizing staff disruptions, retaining advertiser spend, staying in front of (and relating to) your audience, small biz resources, and more! We’ll share perspectives from magazines, events, and overall business management & staffing.

50% of the session is Q&A from you! Interact with our featured publishers and staffing experts, hear from other niche media colleagues, and share your own tips and questions to navigate this uncertain time. We’re in this together!

More Awesome Live Speakers!

Drew Davis
Building a Media Brand Backwards:
How Tiny Startups Build Massive Media Brands!
April 14, 12 PM ET

Niche publishers spend a lot of time and energy (not to mention money) to deliver great content, execute stellar events, find new audience, and create new revenue products. We’ve been doing this for years, and we rock it!

So how is it that people with no media experience or publishing ambition, and zero intention of creating a media brand, build overnight media empires? (Annoying right?)

Maybe their media ignorance isn’t just bliss; it’s an asset.

Best-selling author and marketing guru Andrew Davis is here to help you harness the power of the new customer journey, and look at your niche brand through a “backwards lens”. He’ll uncover how these unlikely publishers have found fresh audiences in the most unexpected places, and demonstrate the revenue opportunities that arise when we embrace the new customer journey.

Learn how this new breed of media company removes friction, scales camaraderie, maintains inspiration, and raises anticipation for an ever-growing audience — and how to translate this “building backwards” strategy to grow your niche brand!

Wendy Clark
The Whole (Niche) Enchilada: Owning Every Part of Your Niche for Big Revenue!
April 15, 12 PM ET

Are you dominating every touchpoint with your niche audience? Maybe they read your magazine — but go to a competitor’s event. Or open your newsletters — but don’t respond to sponsors. No matter how quality your brand perception, finding (and filling) all the opportunity gaps can take time, money, and team you just don’t have. Is it impossible?

Wendy Clark, President & Publisher at Birdwatcher’s Digest, says no! BWD (and its team of 13 staffers) have turned their company into the #1 resource for their bird enthusiast audience — and the revenue has followed! Wendy will explain the culture, strategy, and gumption that expanded a core magazine into a resource packed website, blog, podcast, events and travel excursion, online retail, multimedia niche brand!

Use Wendy’s advice to inspire your own core brand multi-channel revenue expansion, and learn how to cover every angle of your niche, even with limited staffing and budgets. Dominate your niche — no matter your size!