Super Niche Super Awesome Keynotes!

Get inspired with serious takeaways from the Super Niche Keynotes! From reader communities, to finding your next big revenue opportunity, to maximizing your niche – these niche media superstars know how to build audience and drive revenue!

2018 Speakers — Super Niche 2019 Schedule Coming Soon!

The Future of Niche is… More Niche!
Peggy Northrop, President, Northrop Consulting
Tuesday Morning Keynote

Readers are rejecting overflowing inboxes and meaningless social media feeds. Instead, audiences want to feel connected to other people, in targeted interest groups that can share notes, images, ideas and conversations. Wait….that’s what niche media is! Yep, niche media is already at the place where Pinterest started and Facebook and LinkedIn are going with their private groups. So since we technically beat the big guys here, how do we continue to stay ahead of them?

Peggy Northrop has the winning strategy – maximizing your niche community! She’ll share ideas for launching resources that drive both engagement and conversion to expand your business and grow your revenue: dedicated forums, truly conversational social media tactics, custom events for “reader advisory” groups, and more! The future of niche is already here — it’s you!

The Un-TED Talk by Ted Bahr: Niche Opportunities: Finding and Growing Them!
Ted Bahr, President & CEO, BZ Media, LLC
Tuesday Lunch Keynote

Ted Bahr left his Big Corporate job 17 years ago to launch BZ Media and finally (finally!) sold the last pieces of the company this year after huge success with InterDrone Expo! He’ll share his wins (and fails) on the road to success in a niche world of print, digital, and events.

Ted’s talk will start with how to identify new niches and revenue opportunities and ways to determine whether they are going to have the staying power and right characteristics for you to capitalize on them. Ted will then share some of the company management tips he learned the hard way and then will finish up with his observations and experiences selling (and often not selling) different parts of his company. Get informed and inspired by Ted’s experiences and insights that can help you grow your business!

When Niche Goes Mainstream: Lessons Learned from… Cannabis?
Cassandra Farrington, CoFounder & CEO, Marijuana Business Daily
Wednesday Lunch Keynote

Niche media is defined by its target-audience focus, whether a hobbyist newsletter, specialized industry trade show, or hyper-specific B2B magazine. But what if your niche market took off — went mainstream? Could you anticipate it? Or would you scramble to pick up the pieces as competitors circled “your” pie?

Cassandra Farrington successfully jumped the mainstream shark – creating the cannabis industry’s leading daily news website and a whole family of content resources, including two national conferences! She’ll share how MJBizDaily seized (and maintains) leadership of their niche, and how you can apply her lessons to grow your niche – maybe even creating your own mainstream movement!