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Get inspired with serious takeaways from the Super Niche Keynotes! Whether it’s finding your next big revenue opportunity, developing new products, or maximizing your niche – these niche media superstars know how to build audience and drive revenue!

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Christopher Lester
Like a (Niche) Boss: Bigger, Better and Nichier!

Niche publishers are leading the way in redefining magazine media. Think “niching your niche”, launching events, creative ad sales channels, strategic audience development and more! In fact, the Big Guys are copying us now! So…what’s the next big thing YOU should be doing to stay ahead in this crazy niche publishing world? Can you get even nichier?

Christopher Lester (Founder, [C4ward] Strategies and former VP at Emma) says Niche It Baby! He will share his vision of the future of niche, hot ideas to focus on NOW to take your niche bigger, better and nichier, and why niche will always beat the Big Guys. Get fired up and make your “Niche Boss” list to take back to the office for fame and glory (and that little thing called revenue)!

Gerrit Klein
The Data Trap: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Sell Content

Data, data, data. Odds are your sales and marketing approaches have shifted to an obsessive focus on your stats: audience demographics, opens, clicks, site traffic. But does all that data really matter in the niche world of targeted, hyper interested audiences? Or is it, to be blunt, just a lot of time-wasting BS?

Gerrit Klein (CEO, Ebner Ulm Publishing) is firmly in the “data with context” camp. Data is necessary (of course!) but without strong content and fitting context, it’s pretty meaningless. Gerrit will demonstrate how general interest media is training advertisers to believe in murky analytics and data-based advertising as the holy grail – when in reality niche publishers can sell and grow based on their targeted audiences and focused content.

Using lots of real life examples, he’ll share success stories (and silly data rabbit holes too) that prove niche publishers don’t need to scramble to keep up in the data game. Instead you can play the content game (and train advertisers) to win revenue and grow your business!

Sharon Houghton
Bigger Slices of Shrinking Pies: 7 Strategies for More Niche Revenue!

Niche publishing is packed with growth opportunities — targeted channels, content marketing, lead generation, marketing services, the rise of events… so how come it seems like the revenue pie is shrinking?
Sharon Houghton (Managing Director, Active Interest Media) likes revenue — and wants bigger slices! Sharon will share 7 real-world tested revenue strategies that find the opportunities in all the new tech and tools out there, and cuts through the media “noise” distracting your readers. These tactics will help you focus in on audience expansion (and conversion!), advertising revenue growth, new product or services revenue, and market domination. Pie for everyone!